The Film Team


Emilia Quinton




Hi, I'm Emilia 


Emilia is a director of photography and OMPA listed camera operator based in Portland, OR. Falling into film from a career as an advertising copywriter she understands the power of words and images to come together in engaging stories.  Her work has spanned a plethora of narrative short films, documentaries, commercials and photographs. Her personal work explores the challenge of navigating complex identities and social systems. Emilia takes inspiration from the 20 years she has spent living and working within the quiet beauty of Oregon’s landscapes - she likes gentle light and friendly people.

She is excited to share this project with audiences in the hopes that others may be inspired by the potential for all peoples to reconnect with the outdoors. 



Liz Haan




Hi, I'm Liz


Liz moved to Oregon Spring 2017 to chase dreams of community in the outdoors and in filmmaking. Liz quickly and enthusiastically integrated themself into the Portland film scene with a focus in cinematography, specifically within grip & electric. Liz's experience includes working on several narrative projects, including locally produced - and woman-directed - feature films "My Summer as a Goth" and "Clementine".

"Our Trails Too" is Liz's documentary directorial debut. Liz brings to this project a strong creative spirit and an unyielding commitment to honoring the identities and experiences of those at the center of this story.